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Keep Your Car Looking Pristine

It's now incredibly easy to keep your car looking as good as new.

Minor damages like scratches, dents, and chips are almost inevitable, even for the most cautious drivers. The answer to this problem is the Shine! Protect cosmetic maintenance plan.

About Shine! Protect

Shine! Protect is a specialized service aimed at preserving the pristine condition of your car without affecting your insurance claims bonus. This means your car's exterior stays in excellent shape, safeguarding its market value.

Shine! Protect differs from insurance since it doesn't involve an insurance contract.

How it Works

If your car suffers any damage, simply log a repair request via the user-friendly Shine! Protect mobile app. After verifying that the damage is minor and within the terms of your agreement, a skilled Shine! technician will visit you at your convenience, whether at home or office.

Trusted Experts

Shine! is recognized for its cutting-edge, award-winning cosmetic repair solutions. They can swiftly fix minor chips, dents, scuffs, and light scratches right where you are*.

Peace of Mind

Shine! Protect ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition.

What Damage is Covered?

Shine! Protect covers repair of small damages such as dents, scratches, and scuffs up to 30cm long and 3mm deep. It also includes chip repairs up to 5mm in diameter.

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For more details about this service and the provider, your sales consultant is ready to assist you, so feel free to inquire!

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